Europe Markets 12/5/2006 Vodafone, SAP Up


Markets in Europe are up modestly at 5.15 AM New York time.

The FTSE is up .4% to 6,076. Barclays is up .4% to 679. BP is up 1.1% to 573.5. BT is flat at 289.75. British Air is up 1% to 497.5. GlaxoSmithKline is down .3% to 1346. Prudential is up .4% to 665.5. Reuters is up .4% to 451.5. Unilever is up .4% to 1363. Vodafone is up 1.9% to 137.5.

The DAXX is up .5% to 6,327. Bayer is up .9% to 39.62 DaimlerChrysler is up .3% to 44.08. DeutscheBank is up .5% to 97.74. Deutsche Telekom is up .8% to 13.3.SAP is up 1.1% to 157.03. Siemens is up .7% to 71.84.

The CAC 40 is up .6% to 5,325. Alcatel is flat at 10.12. AXA is up a fraction at 28.81. France Telecom is up .1% to 19.42. ST Micro is down .1% to 13.6. Vivendi is up .5% to 29.25.

Data from Reuters.

Douglas A. McIntyre

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