Sprint (S): What Happended To The Cellphone?

Perhaps consumers don’t get confused by all of the things that new handsets will do. But, the price of the features may bother them. Take pictures, Download music, Record video. Get on internet. Text. IM.

Sprint (S) has come out with a new phone that has a GPS capacity so that you can always know where your friends are. The service will be launched with a company called Loopt Inc.’s and will cost $2.99 a month. That’s on top of all of the other charges for running a handset.

The time may come when cellular providers are offering to rich a mix of features. At some point, the features will being to compete with one another for the budget that customers have for their cell service. The will also compete for the time that consumers can devote to messing with their wireless phones.

It would seem that at some point, it becomes a zero sum game and a lot of companies supplying services and applications start to lose.

Douglas A. McIntyre