The Twenty Most Productive Nations In The World

Douglas A. McIntyre

15) The Kingdom Of Belgium

*Population: 10,423,493

*GDP (ppp): $470 billion

*GDP Per Capita (ppp): $35,421

The country has a “middle man” economy due to its ports and manufacturing prowess: it imports raw materials and exports finished goods. Belgium is also one of the leading financial centers in Europe.

16) The United Kingdom

*Population: 61,284,806

*GDP (ppp): $2.18 trillion

*GDP Per Capita (ppp): $34,618

There was a time when the UK was on the top of this list, corresponding with when it was the most powerful country in the world. The nation is now the financial capital of Europe. The United Kingdom also has huge offshore oil reserves. Some level of socialism keeps incomes relatively high.

17) Federal Republic Of Germany

*Population: 82,282,806

*GDP (ppp): $3.35 trillion

*GDP Per Capita (ppp): $34,212

Until last year when it was passed by China, Germany was the largest exporter in the world. The country is also among the largest manufacturers of machines, autos, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. Germany has a substantial intellectual capital reservoir which has been created by software companies like SAP and high tech industrial design operations.

18) The French Republic

*Population: 64,057,792

*GDP (ppp): 2.68 trillion

*GDP Per Capita (ppp): $33,678

The country has the second largest GDP in Europe after Germany. It has a much larger tourism business. Seventy-five million people visit France each year. The nation also has power and defense industries.

19) The Republic Of Finland

*Population: 5,255,068

*GDP (ppp): $238 billion

*GDP Per Capita (ppp): $33,555

GDP per Capita: $33,566. The nation has a remarkably diversified economy. It is headquarters to the world’s largest cell phone company—Nokia. Finland also has tremendous timber and metal reserves. The country has a highly-educated manufacturing workforce and the machining capacity to finish its own raw materials for export.

20) Japan

*Population: 126,804,433

*GDP (ppp): $5.07 trillion

*GDP Per Capita (ppp): $32,607

Japan might have been at the top of this list two decades ago. It remains one of the world’s largest developers and manufacturers of cars and consumer electronics, although a great deal of factory work has been relocated to China. Japan is still one of the financial capitals in Asia. The employment philosophy of many companies in the country is such that the unemployment level is low.

Douglas A. McIntyre