The Most Popular Companies On Facebook

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5. McDonald’s
> # of fans: 10,654,699
> Daily growth: 51,264
> Weekly growth: 161,686
> Annual revenue: $24.075 billion

McDonald’s is, hands down, the most recognizable restaurant chain in the world. Interbrand lists it as the sixth most valuable global brand, BrandZ puts it a fourth. The company has added nearly half a million fans in the past month, putting it at well above 10 million fans in total. The company has utilized its extremely popular annual “Monopoly” contest to bring fans to the site. Anyone who loses can enter for a “second chance” on McDonald’s fan page. The page has been growing at a rate of more than 50,000 fans each day, likely as a result of the contest.

4. Red Bull
> # of fans: 22,420,438
> Daily growth: 4,597
> Weekly growth: 30,751
> Annual revenue: $5.159 billion

Red Bull is the first and still most successful energy drink in the world. The company’s page, which has more than 22.4 million fans, has added 200,000 new fans in the past month. On the page the company promotes its continuing partnership with “extreme” sports, and features promotional videos and profiles of athletes participating in these sports.

3. Starbucks
> # of fans: 25,429,369
> Daily growth: 18,145
> Weekly growth: 106,624
> Annual revenue: $10.707 billion

Starbucks has the 31st most popular site on Facebook. The company has added half a million fans in the past month. The company allows users to manage their Starbucks account, identify nearby locations, and see limited-time specials.

2. Disney
> # of fans: 28,774,880
> Daily growth: 4,866
> Weekly growth: 107,646
> Annual revenue: $38.063 billion

Disney has the 21st largest Facebook page, and the second largest among companies (not counting Facebook itself). The company added more than a half million fans in the past month. Disney’s page features videos and updates on upcoming films. Disney may also benefit from having a strong following among the current tech-savvy generation, many of whom grew up on the company’s movies.

1. Coca-Cola
> # of fans: 34,496,473
> Daily growth: 9,109
> Weekly growth: 81,620
> Annual revenue: $35.119 billion

According to Interbrand, Coca-Cola has the most valuable brand in the world. The company’s page has nearly 35 million fans. Coke’s page has dozens of features and subpages, offering everything from games to videos to e-greeting cards. The company also offers a variety of downloads, including screensavers and wallpapers. In order to access these, users must be a fan of the site.

Michael B. Sauter