Over 3,000 Tickets Available for NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship

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According to TicketIQ, there are over 3,000 tickets available the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship game on Monday night. The game will be played between Gonzaga and North Carolina at University of Phoenix Stadium.

TicketIQ’s experts report:

The cheapest ticket available is $140. However, that’s taken some twists and turns. Prior to the Final Four, the cheapest ticket was $99, and that jumped as high as $179 at the conclusion of the Semi-Finals games. This is typical of the Championship game, as prices are highest immediately after the Semi-Finals and then tend to drop until tip off.
Here’s the cheapest ticket available on the day before the game each of the past 5 seasons. While 2017 is currently the most expensive, If history is an indication than tickets are likely to fall to around $100.
2016: $65
2015: $91
2014: $70
2013: $85
2012: $41
The average asking price per ticket is currently $683, however the average sales price is $430. This causes further speculation that prices will come down.