The Complete Guide For How to Use E*Trade

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E*Trade is an online trading platform owned by Morgan Stanley. It was founded in 1991 and offered online trading through a few internet providers and quickly reached $11 million in revenue in 1994. The company went public in 1996.

When it began, E*Trade was a simpler and more accessible and easier way to trade stocks than with traditional brokers. An online portal and lower financial barrier to entry meant that regular people could begin trading without dealing with a broker on the phone or in an office.

In 2019, E*Trade eliminated its base commission fees after other recent digital-first trading platforms had persuaded millions of younger traders to use their apps that had no commissions or base fees. Today, E*Trade charges minimal fees for only options contracts, futures contracts, and bonds, among other account fees.

E*Trade has been a staple in the online trading sphere as long as it has existed. It pioneered the digital trading industry and remains a reliable and safe option for new and experienced traders alike. Now that it has eliminated trading commissions, new and younger traders can enjoy the deep knowledge, tools, and wide range of tradeable assets available on the platform.

E*Trade is tailored for experienced, extremely active, or diversified traders with a bigger list of tradeable assets than most other online platforms, more robust trading and planning tools, and options to truly make your investment plan your own. It is not unusual for newer traders to migrate to platforms like E*Trade once they get a handle on their investing practices and want a wider range of trading options.

E*Trade is available through the mobile app or through a web browser. Very active traders can also opt to use Power E*Trade which offers users specialized software for pattern recognition, calculating risk and reward probabilities, in-depth charts, exit strategies, and much more.

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