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America's Fastest-Growing City

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The Census Bureau released its Vintage 2023 estimates of population and change components. The data covers population change by county and city between July 1, 2022, and July 1, 2023.

The pattern of that change has transformed, according to the findings. Lauren Bowers, chief of the Census Bureau’s Population Estimates Branch, said, “Areas which experienced high levels of domestic out-migration during the pandemic, such as in the Midwest and Northeast, are now seeing more counties with population growth. Meanwhile, county population growth is slowing down out west, such as in Arizona and Idaho.”

In detail, the populations of California and New York are still shrinking. The four counties that lost the most people were Los Angeles County (down 54,420 to 9,663,345) and three counties in New York City: Kings County (down 28,306 to 2,561,225), Queens County (down 26,262 to 2,252,196) and Bronx County (down 25,332 to 1,356,476).

Four of the top 10 in terms of percentage growth were in metro areas in Florida. Wildwood-The Villages was the fastest-growing nationwide, up 4.7% to 151,565. The metro is located just west of Orlando and northeast of Tampa. These metros are among the top 10 based on raw population growth. In Tampa, it was a gain of 51,662 to 3,342,963. In Orlando, it was 54,916 higher to 2,817,933. (Here are 10 reasons to get out of Florida.)


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