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25 Fastest Growing Jobs

Medical Secretary
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25. Medical secretaries
> Projected gain 2014-2024: 20.5%
> 2014 jobs: 527,600
> 2024 jobs: 635,800
> Median annual wage: $33,040

Medical secretaries work in physicians’ offices and hospitals, scheduling appointments, billing patients, and compiling medical records. Occupations in the medical field will be in higher demand in the near future as the population ages and the share of Americans over 85 reaches a record high. The number of medical secretary positions is projected to increase by 20.5% through 2024, faster than the 6.5% growth rate for the job market as a whole.

Computer and information analysts
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24. Computer and information analysts
> Projected gain 2014-2024: 20.5%
> 2014 jobs: 650,700
> 2024 jobs: 784,100
> Median annual wage: $86,370

As organizations become increasingly dependent on computers, IT staff responsible for rolling out computer hardware and infrastructure, installing software, and troubleshooting issues will become increasingly essential. The number of computer and information analyst jobs is projected to increase by 20.5% by 2024. Not only is this one of the greatest projected increases, but also, with a projected workforce of more than three-quarters of a million jobs, the field could become one of the largest.

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23. Mathematicians
> Projected gain 2014-2024: 21.4%
> 2014 jobs: 3,500
> 2024 jobs: 4,200
> Median annual wage: $111,110

Mathematicians are employed in a number of industries, including government, scientific research, universities, consultancies, and insurance providers. Mathematicians can analyze data to help businesses improve their processes and products. As smartphones, social media usage, and e-commerce become more commonplace, the amount of digital data will increase, as will demand for mathematicians. The number of mathematicians in the United States is projected to increase by 21.4% over the 10 years ending in 2024, faster than the 6.5% growth rate for the job market as a whole.

Massage Therapist
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22. Massage therapists
> Projected gain 2014-2024: 21.6%
> 2014 jobs: 168,800
> 2024 jobs: 205,200
> Median annual wage: $38,040

Massage therapists help heal injuries, relieve pain, and improve circulation. Nearly half of all massage therapists are self employed, and a large share work in health practitioners’ offices. As the population ages and the share of elderly Americans reaches a record high, demand for medical services such as massage therapy will increase. Massage therapists may also be in higher demand as more health insurance companies incorporate these services into their treatment plans.

Media and communication equipment workers, all other
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21. Miscellaneous media and communication workers
> Projected gain 2014-2024: 22.2%
> 2014 jobs: 94,500
> 2024 jobs: 115,400
> Median annual wage: $44,480

The number of people working in the media and communication industry in positions not specifically categorized by the BLS is projected to increase by 22.2% between 2014 and 2024. Such jobs include behind-the-scenes workers that help produce online, radio, print, and television media content. The increase in the number of workers is likely attributable to increasing media output. For example, many companies are expanding their video content from television to mobile and online platforms. The median salary of these jobs is $44,480 a year, higher than the typical annual wage among all workers of $36,200.