The Best Charities to Donate to This Year!

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Prado Art Museum
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Art Museums
> Charity: The Metropolitan Museum of Art
> Annual revenue: $473,744,517
> Headquarters: New York, NY

Founded in 1870, the Metropolitan Museum of Art operates three major exhibition centers in New York City. According to its current mission statement, “The Metropolitan Museum of Art collects, studies, conserves, and presents significant works of art across all times and cultures in order to connect people to creativity, knowledge, and ideas.” While it receives government grants, collects membership dues, and has other sources of revenue, more than 40% of the organization’s annual revenue comes from fundraising events and donations. According to Charity Navigator’s assessment, the organization is highly transparent and manages its resources well. About 86% of the organization’s budget goes directly to programs serving its mission, while other prominent museum foundations spend less than 75% on such programs.

Protester Civil Liberties
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Civil Liberties
> Charity: American Civil Liberties Union Foundation Inc
> Annual revenue: $94,047,925
> Headquarters: New York, NY

The ACLU is arguably the most influential civil liberties advocacy group in the country. Among other activities, the organization provides litigation aid in civil rights cases and initiates class action lawsuits on issues of civil liberties and basic human rights, including privacy, equality, and fair treatment in the criminal justice system.

The ACLU Foundation, the charitable arm of the ACLU, only engages in education and public defense aid and cannot legally initiate public actions such as class action suits. The Foundation spends about 42% of its annual budget directly on litigation efforts and the rest on education and transfers to other organizations.

Happy friends gardening for the community, Environmental Conservation and Protection
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Environmental Protection and Conservation
> Charity: The Conservation Fund
> Annual revenue: $215,096,466
> Headquarters: Arlington, VA

Based in Arlington, Virginia, the Conservation Fund works to conserve and protect land resources in the United States, with particular focus on efforts that do not harm the American economy. To date, the fund has ensured the conservation of over 7.5 million acres of habitat across the country. The best charitable organizations are those that are able to minimize overhead and devote the maximum amount of resources to the cause. The Conservation Fund spends 97.3% of its annual budget on program expenses, while others in the category of environmental protection spend less than 80% on programs.