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Key Numbers Behind the May Jobs Report

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6. Whites
> May unemployment: 3.7%
> April unemployment: 3.8%
> Total unemployed: 4.6 million

The white unemployment rate has ticked down each month so far this year, to 3.7% in May.

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7. Asians
> May unemployment: 3.6%
> April unemployment: 3.2%
> Total unemployed: 356,000

While the unemployment rate among Asian American workers ticked up from April, the Asian jobless rate of 3.6% remains lower than that of every other demographic group tracked by the government.

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8. Young workers
> May unemployment: 14.3%
> April unemployment: 14.7%
> Total unemployed: 837,000

The unemployment rate for workers 16 to 19 fell from 14.7% in April to 14.3% in May, likely due in part to college students getting summer jobs. While typically more mobile, young workers continue to have among the higher jobless rates.

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9. Underemployed
> May unemployment: 8.4%
> April unemployment: 8.6%
> Total unemployed: N/A

The underemployment rate is an important alternative measure of the U.S. labor force. The measure counts unemployed individuals who have given up looking for work, part-time workers who would prefer full-time jobs, and other dissatisfied workers.

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10. College graduates
> May unemployment: 2.3%
> April unemployment: 2.4%
> Total unemployed: 1.3 million

College graduates continue to report lower jobless rates and higher incomes compared to labor force participants with less education.