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Where Americans Are Traveling This Fourth of July and What They’ll Do

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3. Anchorage, Alaska
> Tourism revenue (2015): $1.94 billion
> Number of visitors (2015): 2.1 million

Visitors to Anchorage often arrive by cruise boats. They take excursions to see glaciers and wildlife discovery tours. Tourists go on bicycle and railroad tours, fish, and go four-wheeling in the wild. Museums have a blend of Russian, Native, gold rush, and pioneer history.

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2. Las Vegas, Nevada
> Tourism revenue (2016): $35.5 billion
> Number of visitors (2016): 42.9 million

People have been gambling legally in Las Vegas since Prohibition. When visitors aren’t gambling, they go to nightclubs. And when they tire of the Las Vegas Strip, a popular side trip is a visit to the Hoover Dam, 35 miles south of Las Vegas, and one of the great man-made achievements of the 20th century.

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1. Montego Bay, Jamaica
> Tourism revenue (2015): $2.4 billion (total for Jamaica)
> Number of visitors (2016): 2.1 million (total for Jamaica)

Tourists to Montego Bay visit beaches, sample the nightlife, enjoy Jamaican cuisine, play golf, go sailing, and relax on cruises. There are also interesting great houses built by the British in the 18th century.