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Greatest Games in Super Bowl History

On February 4, millions of Americans settled into easy chairs and sofas and took in one of the most electrifying games in Super Bowl history. The favored New England Patriots were taken down by the underdog Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LII.

The big game more than lived up to the hype, as New England’s MVP quarterback lost a shootout to Philadelphia’s backup Nick Foles. The teams racked up more than 1,100 combined yards, the most in any NFL game, regular or postseason. The teams combined for 74 points, the second-highest total of any Super Bowl.

Americans have been munching on chips, imbibing beer, and downing Buffalo wings and pizza for more than 50 years to watch the two professional teams battle for the Super Bowl, whose self-importance is stamped with Roman numerals.

The game routinely draws more than 100 million viewers to celebrate this singular American event. Many will tune in to watch the commercials, while others look forward to the halftime show. But most viewers are hoping to see a game that they will talk about for years and engage in debates over what is the greatest Super Bowl ever.

This year’s game was one of the best, but not every Super Bowl lives up to the hype. Many of the games have been one-sided, and a few were decided early. In 2014, the Seattle Seahawks took the quickest lead in Super Bowl history by scoring a safety 12 seconds into the game against the Denver Broncos. It was a harbinger of disaster for the Denver Broncos, who lost Super Bowl XLVIII, 43-8. It took the San Francisco 49ers all of three plays into Super Bowl XXIX in 1995 to score against San Diego Chargers, when Steve Young connected on a 44-yard touchdown pass to Jerry Rice.

In light of Sunday’s thriller, 24/7 Wall St. weighed in on the debate by ranking all 52 Super Bowls. To create this rank, we considered factors like margin of victory, fourth quarter points, the time of the game-deciding score, the number of lead changes, and the size of the comeback victory, if one occurred.

After careful consideration, here are the greatest Super Bowls of all time, ranked from worst to first.

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