Special Report

Strangest Roadside Attraction in Every State

Source: Duncan Rawlinson - Duncan.co - @thelastminute / Flickr

16. Kansas
> Strangest attraction: Giant Van Gogh Painting on World’s Largest Easel
> Year built: 2001
> Location: Cherry Ave., Goodland
> Closest city: Hays

Kansas is the Sunflower State, so it makes sense that Canadian artist Cameron Cross pitched Goodland for his third and so far last giant recreation of a famous Van Gogh work. The 32-by-24 foot “Sunflower” recreation rests on an 80-foot tall easel a half-mile off I-70. If you’re curious, the other two are in Altona, Manitoba and Emerald, Australia.

Source: 5chw4r7z / Flickr

17. Kentucky
> Strangest attraction: The Vent Haven Museum
> Year built: 1973
> Location: West Maple Ave., Fort Mitchell
> Closest city: Cincinnati

Hey, dummy, did you know this is the only museum in the world dedicated to ventriloquism? Housing more than 900 dummies used by ventriloquists from the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries, the dolls are from founder W.S. Berger’s collection. Berger was not a professional ventriloquist. He retired as president of the Cambridge Tile Company.

Source: Public Health Image Library

18. Louisiana
> Strangest attraction: National Hansen’s Disease Museum
> Year built: 1999
> Location: Carville Historic District
> Closest city: Baton Rouge

Located at the former National Leprosarium, it’s a museum that honors the once quarantined on site leprosy patients and the medical staff who took care of them. The hospital began as the Louisiana Leper Home in 1894 before becoming one of two leprosy hospitals in the U.S.

Source: Amy Meredith / Flickr

19. Maine
> Strangest attraction: Lenny the Chocolate Moose
> Year built: 1997
> Location: U.S. Route 1, Scarborough
> Closest city: Portland

Located in Len Libby Candies, a store that sells handcrafted chocolate and ice cream, Lenny is is a 1,700-pound solid milk chocolate moose. He resides in a pond of white chocolate tinted with food coloring. The self-proclaimed “World’s Largest Chocolate Animal Sculpture” is eight feet tall and over nine feet from end to end.

Source: Ron Cogswell / Flickr

20. Maryland
> Strangest attraction: National Museum of Civil War Medicine
> Year built: 1993
> Location: East Patrick St., Frederick
> Closest city: Hagerstown

The National Museum of Civil War Medicine is dedicated to demonstrating how techniques developed on the battlefields of the Civil War contributed to modern medicine. If you like gore, this could be your place. More arms and legs were cut off during the Civil War than in any other war in U.S. history, according to the “Ammunition and Amputations” display.