Special Report

Weirdest Tradition in Each State

Source: 96.3 The Blaze / YouTube

26. Montana
> Tradition: Tricycle race in underwear
> When: First week of August

At the annual Testicle Festival in Clinton, Montana, men and women are invited to compete in the Undie 500, where contestants strip down to their underwear and race around in tricycles. The event has been held since 1989.

Source: frank thompson photos / Flickr

27. Nebraska
> Tradition: Cow-chip throwing
> When: Spring

There’s a lot of cattle in Nebraska, and those cattle generate a lot of waste. But the waste doesn’t go to waste in Nebraska, where dried-up cow patties are used in a tossing contest.

Source: David McNew / Newsmakers / Getty Images

28. Nevada
> Tradition: Burning Man Festival
> When: Aug. 26-Sept. 3

Organizers of Burning Man think of the event as a cultural community rather than an annual music festival. The event eschews commercialism, a stark contrast to the glitz of Las Vegas, even though event-goers pump in millions of dollars to the local economy. For many, the much-photographed burning wooden effigy that closes the event is a disconcerting image.

Source: Exeter UFO Festival / Facebook

29. New Hampshire
> Tradition: UFO Festival
> When: Sept.1-2

The annual UFO Festival in Exeter, New Hampshire, has become a traditional event in New England for those who believe the truth is out there. New Hampshire has had a few celebrated UFO encounters, including the alleged abduction of a New Hampshire couple in 1961.

Source: Adam E. Moreira / Wikimedia Commons

30. New Jersey
> Tradition: Walk to Washington
> When: Late winter

The “Walk to Washington” is not really a walk but a train ride from New Jersey to Washington D.C., in which politicians traverse the length of the train to schmooze reporters, lobbyists, and business leaders. The 81st version of this tradition was held in early March. Past events had been criticized for excessive drinking and boorish, sexist behavior by those on the train.