October’s Most Inspiring News Stories

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Source: igorbondarenko / iStock

16. Scientists used algae to replace plastics
> Date: Oct. 7
> Location: The Netherlands

Two Dutch scientists Eric Klarenbeek and Maartje Dros have developed a method that uses algae material to replace the use of plastics. The Dutch scientists grow the algae, harvest it, dry it, and convert into material that can be used in 3D printers to replace plastic items such as tableware and shampoo bottles. The two are providing each restaurant in their city of Zaandam with sets of flatware made from the algae-plastic.

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17. Boy performs CPR on a squirrel
> Date: Oct. 7
> Location: Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

Minnesota teenager Chris Felix saved a life on Oct.7, but not just any life. He saved a squirrel by performing gentle chest compressions on its chest for about 20 minutes. Felix had accidentally hit the squirrel with his car and felt compelled to help it. He eventually revived the squirrel and it darted off into the forest.

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18. Soldier gives money away raised for him
> Date: Oct. 8
> Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

Army medic Luis Ocampo left his home in Charlotte, North Carolina, to help with relief efforts during Hurricane Florence in September. His girlfriend took their baby with her to her parents’ house to escape the hurricane, so the house was empty. When they returned, they discovered the house had been robbed. A friend of Ocampo’s started a GoFundMe initiative to raise money to replace their belongings. Within two weeks, the campaign raised $15,000, well past the goal of $5,000. Ocampo and his girlfriend asked their friend to shut down the GoFundMe campaign. They keep the amount they needed and donated the remainder to the Soldier and Airmen Assistance Fund and other servicemen who had been affected by the hurricane.

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19. U.S. bans new mining claims near Yellowstone
> Date: Oct. 8
> Location: Emigrant, Montana

The U.S. has told mining companies to keep their hands off the land north of Yellowstone National Park after Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke approved a 20-year ban on new mining claims near the iconic park. There had been concerns the two proposed gold mines for the area could spoil the area, which is visited by wolves, elk, bears, among other wildlife.

The order extends a temporary ban imposed in 2016 under former President Barack Obama on new claims for gold, silver, and other minerals on 47 square miles of public lands.

Source: Sean Gallup / Getty Images

20. Chernobyl goes solar
> Date: Oct. 8
> Location: Chernobyl, Ukraine

Three decades after the world’s worst nuclear disaster, officials revealed a solar plant in Chernobyl, just across from the entombed power station. The solar plant in Chernobyl has 3,800 panels that produce energy for 2,000 apartments. It is the first time the Chernobyl site has produced power since 2000.