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The Least Common Town Names in the US

Source: Image courtesy of Bill N. via Yelp

36. So-Hi, Arizona
> 2017 Population: 223
> Municipal status: Census-designated place

So-Hi is another fascinating name of a community in the Grand Canyon State. There’s no indication, however, that it has anything to do with smoking weed. Geographically, too, it’s not at a very high elevation either — 3,740 feet.

Source: kenlund / Flickr

37. Chocowinity, North Carolina
> 2017 Population: 867
> Municipal status: Town

Chocowinity is derived from the Tuscarora word for otter, which are found in North Carolina’s inland waterways. The town was originally known as Godley’s Cross Roads. The name was changed to Chocawanateth before the Revolutionary War.

Source: paulync / Getty Images

38. Bald Head Island, North Carolina
> 2017 Population: 225
> Municipal status: Village

Bald Head Island used to be a safe haven for pirates. Edward Teach, more commonly known as Blackbeard, was a regular visitor. Today, you can reach this resort community, which is home to the oldest lighthouse in North Carolina, Old Baldy, only by boat. Cars are not allowed on the island.

Source: SWInsider / Getty Images

39. Elephant Butte, New Mexico
> 2017 Population: 1,393
> Municipal status: City

The city is located right by the famous Elephant Butte Lake State Park and Reservoir, which is 40 miles long and has over 200 miles of shoreline. The name came from the elephant shape of an eroded core of a volcano, which is now an island in the reservoir.

Source: Laura Hertzfeld / Wikimedia Commons

40. Truth or Consequences, New Mexico
> 2017 Population: 6,029
> Municipal status: City

Truth or Consequences was initially dubbed Hot Springs due to the abundance of hot springs in Sierra County where it’s located. The city was renamed in 1950 after radio host Ralph Edwards announced he would broadcast an episode of his show, “Truth or Consequences,” from any American town that changed its name to match that of his program.