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America's Biggest Companies That Didn't Exist 10 Years Ago

Source: Navient

12. Navient
> Founding date: May 2014
> Latest annual revenue: $4.9 billion
> Industry: Credit services

Navient became an independent company in the spring of 2014, when it split from Sallie Mae. The company provides student loan services and has served some 12 million borrowers through more than $300 billion in student loans. While student loan debt is currently one of the largest forms of consumer debt in the United States, Navient’s business may be suffering due to declining college enrollment. In the spring of 2019, college enrollment was down 1.7% from the previous year.

Source: Fortive Corporation

11. Fortive
> Founding date: July 2016
> Latest annual revenue: $6.5 billion
> Industry: Industrial technology

Everett, a Washington-based industrial technology company, was formed in July 2016 as a spinoff from Danaher Corporation, a D.C.-based science and technology conglomerate. Today, the multi-billion dollar company has facilities in 50 countries in North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and Latin America. It operates in multiple business segments, including transportation technologies, automation, professional instrumentation, and sensing technologies.

Source: The Chemours Company

10. Chemours
> Founding date: July 2015
> Latest annual revenue: $6.6 billion
> Industry: Chemical manufacturing

Chemours is a specialty chemicals manufacturer that was spun off from DuPont in July 2015. The company specializes in titanium technologies, fluoroproducts, and chemical solutions and has 37 manufacturing and laboratory facilities worldwide and customers in over 120 countries. Chemours products have practical applications in a range of industries, including automotive, consumer electronics, energy, and mining.

9. Huntington Ingalls Industries
> Founding date: March 2011
> Latest annual revenue: $8.2 billion
> Industry: Defense

Virginia-based aerospace and defense contractor Huntington Ingalls Industries was formed on March 31, 2011 as a spinoff from Northrup Gruman, another defense contractor. The move was made to better meet the demands of the U.S. Navy — and today, HII ranks as the largest military shipbuilding company in the United States. As of 2018, 88% of the company’s revenue came from contracts with the U.S. Navy, and 5% came from the Coast Guard.

Source: Brighthouse Financial, Inc.

8. Brighthouse Financial
> Founding date: Aug. 2017
> Latest annual revenue: $9.0 billion
> Industry: Insurance

Insurance provider Brighthouse Financial was founded on Aug. 7, 2017, as a spinoff from MetLife. The company operates what was formerly MetLife’s U.S. retail insurance segment, which largely consists of life insurance and annuities. MetLife retained a 19.2% stake in Brighthouse. In 2018, Brighthouse reported $4.6 billion in revenue from annuities, $1.4 billion from life insurance, $2.1 billion from run-off insurance, and $897 million in other revenues. Overall, the company reported $9.0 billion in revenue in 2018, ranking 342nd on the Fortune 500.