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25 Really Weird Lawsuits You Wouldn't Believe Were Ever Filed

Remember Stella Liebeck who was burned by a hot McDonald’s coffee and was awarded $2.9 million? For a long time, she was the poster girl for ridiculous lawsuits. The case shocked the world at the time, but frivolous lawsuits have become common since then.

In today’s litigious environment, some cases stand out because they are so absurd. 24/7 Tempo searched online archives of various news sites to find 25 examples.

Living in a country with a well-established judicial system offers an opportunity to use the courts to achieve justice for whatever wrongs people see. While most cases have merit, sometimes the wrongs being sued are not what most people would consider to be unjust. The downside is that some such lawsuits end up being material for late-night comedians.

From a kidnapper suing his victims for failing to help him escape the authorities to people suing for being misled that a sugary snack has a lot of sugar, there are many bizarre lawsuits that many may not believe are real. You be the judge of whether they have merit.

Click here for 25 of the most bizarre lawsuits in recent history.


To identify some of the weirdest lawsuits filed in recent history, 24/7 Tempo searched online news archives of various sites, including CNN, Reuters, and NBC. We selected lawsuits that stemmed from what most people would describe as minor inconveniences. Some of the cases on the list concern marketing claims that have been taken either out of context or too literally. Others are just bizarre, and most people would think they are not even real.