Special Report

Best Summer Destination for Outdoor Fun in Every State

As the weather warms, vaccinations proliferate, and pandemic-era restrictions on dining, gathering, and travel are canceled or greatly curtailed, one refrain is common throughout the country (either literally or figuratively): Let’s get out of here!!!

After a year-plus of being cooped up, Americans are ready to travel. With that in mind, 24/7 Tempo has put together a list of recommendations for great summer destinations in every state. Depending on where you live — and your tolerance for long car trips — some will be within driving distance. Others are a plane ride away, with or without some driving on the other end. These are the world’s busiest air routes right now.

Everybody has a different idea of the ideal way to spend time off. For some, it’s loafing on a beach or idly fishing in a mountain lake. Others seek more activity — hiking, mountain biking, kayaking. Some want to add an educational component to their vacation, visiting monuments and museums. Still others prefer an environment where the pleasures include charming streets, ample shopping, and good restaurants. ( If you’re visually inclined, these are most beautiful places to visit in the U.S.)

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The list that follows offers something for everyone. State and National Parks are included, as are beach communities and lakeside retreats. So are venues offering nature walks, winery tours, waterfalls or wildflowers, even the chance to pan for gold.

To assemble a list of the best summer destinations in every state, 24/7 Tempo compared recommendations from a variety of travel websites and blogs, including Condé Nast Traveler, Travel + Leisure, Afar, Planet Ware, Only in Your State, Tripping, The Crazy Tourist, and Places You’ll See, as well as numerous official state and regional tourism sites.