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The World's 25 Most Popular Cocktails

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10. Mojito
> Main ingredients: Rum, lime juice, muddled mint leaves, simple syrup
> Origin: African slaves, Dutch or British sailors, or others, Havana (19th century)

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9. Aperol Spritz
> Main ingredients: Aperol aperitivo, prosecco
> Origin: Venice or Padua, Italy (1930s?)

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8. Manhattan
> Main ingredients: Rye, bourbon, Canadian, or other whiskey; sweet vermouth, Angostura bitters
> Origin: Bartender Iain Marshall, The Manhattan Club, New York City (mid-1870s) (?)

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7. Whiskey Sour
> Main ingredients: Bourbon or other whiskey, lemon juice, sugar, egg white
> Origin: Ship steward Elliot Staub, Iquique, Chile (1872)

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6. Espresso Martini
> Main ingredients: Vodka, Kahlua, espresso coffee
> Origin: Bartender Bradsell, Freds Club, London (late 1980s)