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The Rarest and Most Expensive Cars Used By American Police

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Iconic law enforcement vehicles such as the Ford Crown Victoria or Chevrolet Impala are slowly being replaced by such vehicles as the Ford Police Interceptor Utility and the Dodge Charger Pursuit and other such popular options. However, a few police forces across the nation also own a handful of rare and exotic cars. 

To identify the most rare and expensive police cars in America, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed various state, media, and police sources. We included vehicle specifications, including horsepower, model year, and top speed. Vehicles alphabetically. We also included notable police departments that own the vehicle.

Starting this unusual roster is the Lamborghini Gallardo, a vehicle typically associated with the ultra-wealthy. The Los Angeles Police Department added this Italian sports car to its fleet, not for pursuits but as a public relations tool to enhance youth engagement. With a top speed of roughly 200 mph, this Lambo truly stands out. (Also see, the most outrageous car collections in the world.)

Most of the vehicles on this list are similar to the aforementioned Lamborghini in that they are not truly in the service of the police departments for the purpose of pursuits or traffic stops. Instead, most are used for public relations or have been charitable donations from a wealthy benefactor. However, this is not true of all cars on the list.

Harris County, home to Houston, Texas, recently adopted a series of Chevrolet Camaros called ”ghost cars” to be used in traffic stops and pursuits. These cars are equipped with police graphics and special lights, but noticeably there are no telltale top emergency lights or reflective graphics, which make them difficult to spot in passing. These Camaros also have a top speed of over 160 mph.

One of the rarest cars on this list is the Ford Mustang Saleen S302, which was donated to the Riverside Police Department of California in 2017. This car is not only rare among police departments but rare overall – only about 350 are built each year. With a whopping 730 horsepower, this is easily one of the most powerful cars in any police fleet in the country.

Although many of the vehicles have enough horsepower and speed to run down most other cars on the road today, most departments use them for public relations. Another noteworthy aspect is that practically all of the cars on this list were built within the last decade, and there are no real classic cars on this list. And speaking of classic cars, this is the world’s greatest classic car.

Here is a look at the rarest and most expensive police cars in the United States.

Chevrolet Camaro
> Used by: Harris County, Texas, Sheriff’s Office
> Model year: 2021
> Top speed: 165 mph
> Horsepower: 650


Dodge Challenger R/T
> Used by: Arizona State Troopers
> Model year: 2016
> Top speed: 153 mph
> Horsepower: 305

Chevrolet C6 Corvette Z06
> Used by: New Braunfels, Texas, Police Department
> Model year: 2007
> Top speed: 198 mph
> Horsepower: 505

Chevrolet C7 Corvette Z06
> Used by: Escambia County, Florida, Sheriff’s Office
> Model year: 2015
> Top speed: 205 mph
> Horsepower: 650


Lamborghini Gallardo
> Used by: Los Angeles Police Department
> Model year: 2014
> Top speed: 198 mph
> Horsepower: 562

BMW i3
> Used by: Los Angeles Police Department
> Model year: 2015
> Top speed: 77 mph
> Horsepower: 170


Jaguar XJ
> Used by: Hazel Park, Michigan, Police Department
> Model year: 2011
> Top speed: 182 mph
> Horsepower: 385

Tesla Model S
> Used by: Fremont, California, Police Department
> Model year: 2019
> Top speed: 155 mph
> Horsepower: 518

Tesla Model 3
> Used by: Dallas County Sheriff’s Department
> Model year: 2022
> Top speed: 162 mph
> Horsepower: 455


Ford Mustang GT
> Used by: Arizona State Troopers
> Model year: 2016
> Top speed: 155 mph
> Horsepower: 435

Ford Mustang Mach-E GT
> Used by: New York Police Department
> Model year: 2022
> Top speed: 120 mph
> Horsepower: 480


Ford Mustang Saleen S302
> Used by: Riverside, California, Police Department
> Model year: 2017
> Top speed: 268 mph
> Horsepower: 730

Ferrari Nero F8 Tributo
> Used by: West Bloomfield, Michigan, Police Department
> Model year: 2022
> Top speed: 211 mph
> Horsepower: 711

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