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Discover The 5 Warmest States

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The middle of August can be tough for many people. It’s the middle of summer with no end in sight. At least in September you know it’s going to cool down somewhat soon. The entire United States is warm during the summer months, but some places are hotter than others. One of the most important things to do during August is always to have tons of water on deck and a safe place where you can cool off in the shade.

If you don’t have this, you’re going to be in a lot of trouble. Another problem for a lot of states is the drought that seems to have overtaken many different parts of the United States. If you’re looking to escape the heat during the summer months, try your best to avoid these five states. They’re the five hottest in August. Some of the best and worst states to live in make this list.


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It’s no shock to anyone that Texas would be the hottest state. Even though it’s the second biggest state in terms of overall land, the average temperature throughout the state is 94.6 degrees. Thankfully, there are parts of Texas that are cooler than others. If you live in Dallas or Houston, you know how brutal it can be. This is made even worse by the awful humidity the state sees every year.

You are also able to go to beach towns in Texas that are next to the Gulf of Mexico. It might not be easy for some people to get to, but there’s always that option. The record for the hottest temperature ever in Texas was 120 degrees in Laredo. 30 million people call this amazing state home, but most spend the summers indoors.


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Another state that absolutely nobody is surprised to see on this list is Arizona. Phoenix, the capital of Arizona, never sees a day where the temperature isn’t at least 100 in August. There are usually two weeks where temperatures can reach 110 every day. The reason it’s not first on this list is there are parts of Arizona that experience all four seasons. T

his means temperatures in the summer are mild and modest. On average, Arizona sees a temperature of 93.2 degrees. Believe it or not, the hottest temperature here was at Lake Havasu one day, where the temperature reached 128 degrees. Make sure to pack some water and sunscreen for your visits to Arizona during August.


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Nestled in the middle of the United States is the next state to make our list, Oklahoma. It makes sense that Oklahoma cracks this list, thanks to how close it is to Texas. The western part of the state, where not a lot of people live, is why Oklahoma is here, thanks to their consistent 100-degree days in the summer. Places like Oklahoma City and Tulsa aren’t as hot as that, but they sure do feel like it.

Much like in Texas, the humidity adds to how hot it feels in Oklahoma. The average temperature throughout the state is 92.9, putting it right behind Arizona. Summer football sounds brutal in a place like Oklahoma, but their teams are always really good.


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Time to head to the southeastern part of the United States. The whole state averages roughly the same temperature throughout the month, thanks to its elevation not changing. The lack of elevation change is why temperatures stay where they do. In Louisiana, most cities don’t get too far above 95 or 96 degrees, but the state’s average is 92.2 degrees.

Whenever you visit, make sure you’re on the lookout for alligators and different creatures. Even though most alligators don’t like humans and want little interaction with us, some do. Louisiana is known for the animals and muggy weather in the summer, so make sure you also pack a second shirt in case it gets too hot.


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The fifth hottest state in August is Florida, another unsurprising add to this list. Miami and Tampa are two of the warmest places year-round we have in the United States, meaning the summer months are extra hot. The average temperature is 91.3 degrees throughout the state, but the humidity adds even more to that. On days when it’s around 96 degrees, the humidity can make it feel up to 116 degrees.

Thankfully for those who live in and visit Florida during this time of year, the beach is easily accessible to cool down. Make sure you’re also prepared for an afternoon thunderstorm if you’re visiting. Even though it’s the summer, the rain still comes in and doesn’t cool you down. If anything, it adds to the humidity in the air and makes it hotter.

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