Carl Icahn Apple Stake Now Valued Over $2 Billion

Jon C. Ogg

Carl Icahn is an activist investor who is widely followed by the public. His antics in mergers and other activist efforts have been almost legendary in some cases. It remains to be seen whether or not his efforts will work in forcing Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) into a $150 billion stock buyback or not. Now we have the full Icahn holdings seen in a 13F filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission and this shows just how much of what he owns.

The full holdings are up to $24.635 billion as of September 30. That compares to about $21.5 billion as of the end of September. The position for Apple was shown to be as two different holdings.

The first was some 775,012 shares, worth some $369.487 million at the time. The second, and larger, was shown to be some 3,100,051 shares worth $1.477 billion at the time. In total that brings Icahn’s Apple stake up to a total of 3.875 million shares. it is very likely that his holding is larger now, but the value based upon the close today at $528.16 would be $2.046 billion. That position was worth only $1.47 billion at the end of September because the stock price was down at $473.98 at the time.

Again, it is likely that the position is larger by now. Investors like to track these holdings of Carl Icahn and others. Now you know what it is in Apple. Call it $2 billion.

Will Tim Cook allow a $2 billion position to swing him around in his management? That remains to be seen.