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The new iPad suffers from the same problem as the iPhone 15. It has better features that most people don’t use, and it is also expensive.
Apple’s most recent quarter was its worst since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, for some reason, shares increased afterward.
Apple is trapped by its reliance on a few major hardware products, an operating system, and an app empire under siege.
The iPad has been a drag on Apple’s earnings recently. Will the impending release of two new versions change that?
Here is a look at Apple's revenue and net income over the past five years to determine how much the iconic consumer electronics leader makes per minute.
A Justice Department suit for anti-competitive practices could weigh on Apple stock for months, if not longer.
Apple licensing Google’s Gemini for generative AI on iPhones could be a win-win for both companies -- if it works out.
Apple has done well with iPhone sales in China for years, but its fortunes took a considerable turn for the worse at the start of this year.
iPhone sales need to increase briskly in 2024 to get Apple stock back in gear. Yet skeptics point out that each new iPhone is not much different from the model it replaces.
Warren Buffett parted with 10 million shares of Apple last quarter, a sign the Oracle of Omaha thinks the iPhone maker’s run is over.
Apple's dividend may be small but it is regular. Here is an assessment of how safe its payout appears to be based on a variety of metrics.
Could a strong holiday sales season boost Apple stock to over $200 a share again? Headwinds have investors worried.
Apple has hit an unimaginable milestone, a market cap of $3 trillion, as the company has reinvented itself and has already started to benefit from that reinvention.
Apple stock has handily outperformed the broader markets over the past five years. Here are the some reasons the run is far from over.