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Without Nelson Peltz to change Disney’s shaky plans, the company has no catalyst to get its share price back online.
Did you know that human cognitive abilities peak during our twenties and level off during middle age? After that point, depending on how well you took care of your brain, your ability to think...
Proxy advisory firm Institutional Shareholder Services has recommended that shareholders vote to add Nelson Peltz to Disney's board.
Walt Disney stock investors are likely losers no matter what happens in the board fight between Disney and Nelson Peltz of Trian Partners.
In a landscape where the battle for eyeballs intensifies, Netflix Inc. (NASDAQ: NFLX) stands out as a colossus in the streaming world. As we project into 2030, understanding NFLX’s potential...
A new animated movie from Disney was supposed to lead the box office for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. What happened?
It seems impossible to think that a wholesome legacy entertainment company that has thrilled audiences, especially children for years, could get the “Bud Light treatment, but such has been the...
Its former CEO was brought back to deal with Disney's troubles, like its underachieving streaming and legacy businesses, but he has run out of options.