European Union

A new report from the FTC examines small mergers and acquisitions by the nation's five largest tech firms.
The European Commission has formally stated its objections to the way Apple distorts competition in the App Store.
The United States has announced new tariffs on airplane parts imported into the country to be assembled at the Airbus facility in Alabama. Some wines and other beverages also will see higher tariffs.
Galapagos was crushed on Wednesday after the firm, in conjunction with Gilead, announced a new commercialization and development agreement for their Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) treatment.
The head of Europe's civil aviation regulator has said that the agency expects to lift its grounding order on the 737 Max in January, paving the way for Boeing to deliver new planes to the continent.
While the recertification of Boeing's 737 Max is expected to happen soon, the aircraft maker faces other challenges as it tries to recover its former luster.
The European Commission on Tuesday announced that it has reached a preliminary view that Amazon has violated EU antitrust rules.
Serious implications arise from governmental shutdowns. The success or failure of an outcome may come down simply to how it affects most people.
Europe’s aviation regulator has declared the Boeing 737 Max safe to fly again. Boeing shares took off on Friday.
Auto sales in the European Union have been fallen even further than they have in the United States in the first eight months of this year.
Amarin reported its latest quarterly results on Tuesday morning and gave an update on the most recent developments with its blockbuster drug Vascepa.
The European Union's second-highest court handed Apple and Ireland a victory in their fight against a European Commission ruling that Apple should repay nearly $15 billion in taxes for its operations...
Automaker Fiat Chrysler is reportedly near a deal for $7.1 billion in Italian-government backed loans to guarantee liquidity as the country recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic. But the deal may be...
The European Commission on Tuesday announced three probes into Apple's requirements for how app developers must pay for in-app purchases and how they are not allowed to offer their apps at different...
This is not exactly a time that investors would expect some of the underperforming banks to be out with good news.