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Lithium stocks have become increasingly popular over the years as the electric vehicle trend has really taken off. One top analyst is growing more bullish on two of these stocks.
American Resources announced Wednesday morning that is has had success extracting rare earth elements from waste at one of its eastern Kentucky coal mining sites.
The U.S. Army is seeking proposals to build a pilot plant in the United States to refine rare earth elements used in many weapons systems.
The Trump administration has released a plan to ensure U.S. access to certain minerals deemed critical to the country's economic and national security.
This exchange-traded fund could find itself right in the middle of the trade war if China decides to halt or limit its exports of rare earth metals and minerals.
Is China threatening to cut off exports of rare earth metals and products to the United States? Is that really a good idea?
A company called Texas Rare Earth Resources has located a source of rare earth minerals in Hudspeth County, Texas, about 85 miles southeast of El Paso.
Molycorp rose to an all-time high of around $77 a share in April of 2011, before collapsing to just over a dime on the OTC Pink market Friday morning, following the stock's delisting from the New...
A report from the Wall Street Journal warning that Molycorp is preparing to file for bankruptcy protection has sent an already bad stock down even further.
Molycorp has faced a rough and rocky road over the past four years. Financially speaking, the company is stuck in a deep hole and it seems to be getting pressure from all sides.
Rare earth elements are back in focus after CBS's weekly news show "60 Minutes" reported on them in its show that aired Sunday night.
After the markets closed Monday, Molycorp reported disappointing fourth-quarter financial results. Shares plunged early Tuesday.
Source: ThinkstockMolycorp Inc. (NYSE: MCP) saw its shares take another solid leap in Friday’s trading to above the $1 mark. This is potentially a huge development for the company and a big first...
Is Molycorp back and can it get past the New York Stock Exchange's $1 rule -- the stock has been under $1 since the end of November.
While the broad market is still within striking distance of all-time highs, Molycorp shares just hit all-time lows. Investors have to be worried (sorry, growing more worried) about Molycorp's future.