The Airline CEO Who Walked Through a Plane Picking Up Trash

The image of the chief executive officer of a major company is not someone who picks up trash. However, that is what happened recently on a major airline. The head of the carrier walked through the plane and helped clean it up.

Robin Hayes, the JetBlue CEO and a member of its board of directors, was seen picking up trash on a flight, right after he led a ticket giveaway function. According to a LinkedIn post by Joe Chase of Lake Street Advisors, “JetBlue Airways CEO Robin Hayes got on the mic on my flight today to give away a couple tickets to random passengers by playing ‘seat bingo’. When returning to his seat (flying economy) he walked down the aisle of the plane collecting trash from passengers. No job is below the CEO!” The trash pick-up happened last Friday. Chase did not say what flight he was on board.

JetBlue, known as a discount carrier because of its low ticket prices, is the seventh largest carrier in North America. That puts it just behind Alaska Airlines and ahead of Canada’s WestJet. JetBlue also has the distinction of having flights on one of the most popular routes in America.

JetBlue was founded in 2000. The company is based in Queens, New York. With revenue last year of just over $7 billion, it ranks 402nd on the Fortune 500.

Wall Street has not been impressed with JetBlue’s performance. It was recently panned by an airline expert.

JetBlue says that it flew 42 million people last year and took them to just over 100 cities. Management reports that the carrier has over 1,000 flights a day. Its primary cities of operation are Boston, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood, Los Angeles (Long Beach), Orlando and San Juan. JetBlue has just over 22,000 employees.

Hayes is 52. He has run JetBlue since February 16, 2015. From January 2014 until May 2018, he was president. Before joining JetBlue, he had senior jobs at British Airways. In the most recent year reported JetBlue, 2017, Hayes made $3.3 million, almost identical to his pay the previous two years.

Hayes showed he does not just sit in his office in Queens. On the front line with a crew last Friday, he cleaned up like a busboy.