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June CPI Shows Inflation Has Arrived — Or Has It?

The U.S. Labor Department gave us the formal inflation reading for the month of June on Tuesday morning. Most investors are more concerned about major earnings reports and economic recovery ...
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Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs Grows a Bit Cautious on Small-Cap Stocks

Investors who prefer to invest in small-cap stocks instead of Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 Index stocks may have a difficult time through the rest of 2014. That ...
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GDP Watch: National Growth Decelerated in June

After a 2.9% drop in gross domestic product (GDP) in the first quarter of 2014, all eyes have been on June economic readings. After all, June marks the end of ...
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Economic Recovery Watch: Capacity Utilization’s Weaker Reality

24/7 Wall St. covers many economic readings throughout each week, month and year. Many economic reports are trumped up in their value by the financial media and by short-term traders, ...
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Labor Department Brings Great News on Jobless Claims

The U.S. Labor Department is out with its tally on weekly jobless claims, and the verdict is that it was great news. While other information is out that was not ...
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Federal Reserve Beige Book Indicates Growth Trajectory Nationwide

The Federal Reserve has released its latest installment of the so-called Beige Book. The Fed is getting yet another chance to move the market with data that should have already ...
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Industrial Production Softening, Capacity Galore

Wednesday's economic reporting included industrial production and capacity utilization data for the month of June. It turns out that production was muted, and capacity remains defiantly under that key 80% ...
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Labor Department Shows Inflation Uptick in Producer Prices

The U.S. Labor Department released its Producer Price Index (PPI) for final demand for the month of June on Wednesday morning. We were worried that wholesale inflation would be stronger ...
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Why Producer Prices Could Show Inflationary Pressures

On Wednesday morning the markets will have to deal with yet another reading on inflation -- albeit at the wholesale level. The US Labor Department will report its reading for ...
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cargo ship

No Inflation Seen in Import and Export Prices

Inflation in international trade will be nothing to scare the Federal Reserve into a major inflationary panic. June's import and export prices were more than just tame. Export prices were ...
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Apple mobile/touch devices

Consumer Electronics Sales Going to All-Time Highs in 2014 and 2015

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) is now looking for 2014 to be an all-time record high for global consumer electronics. Its semi-annual sales forecasts signaling that consumer electronics revenues will ...
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Yellen Testimony Signals Accommodative Policy and Low Rates to Continue

Fed Chair Janet Yellen is delivering her semiannual Monetary Policy Report in front of Congress on Tuesday. The testimony is before the Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs of ...
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Another Disappointing Retail Sales Number at Quarter-End

June turned out to not be a great month for retail sales. The Census Bureau reported that advance monthly sales for retail and food services rose by only 0.2% to ...
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Retail Sales to Be Closely Watched This Week

Consumer spending is said to make up close to 70% of U.S. gross domestic product (GDP), so that means that retail sales are of a paramount importance. This Tuesday we ...
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Solid Weekly Jobless Claims Report From the Labor Department

The U.S. Labor Department has released its weekly jobless claims. Frankly, the market already had a stellar unemployment and payrolls report last week, and this data was covering the Fourth ...
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