Coinstar Files To Raise Cash (CSTR)

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Coinstar Inc. (NASDAQ: CSTR), the owner and operator of all the big giant green machines which counts and changes your coins for paper cash, has filed a mixed shelf registration with the SEC to allow it to raise funds.

The filing lists that the company will be able to sell up to $113.7million in mixed securities with any combination of common stock, debt securities, convertible debt securities, stock purchase contracts, and stock purchase units.

The company said that it has no formal plans for the use of funds, butit will use the proceeds to repay or refinance debt, to fundacquisitions, to purchase or redeem outstanding securities or forgeneral corporate purposes.

No underwriter was named and no terms were given.  As for a comparisonon the size, the company’s market cap is $525 million.  Shares closedat $18.60 yesterday, and its 52-week trading range is $17.01 to $38.90.

Jon C. Ogg
November 26, 2008