Commodities & Metals

The United States and Germany are among the countries that control the world's gold.
Demand for gold in the first half of 2021 is down about 10% year over year, but demand from gold-backed ETFs is down much more.
The most expensive material in the world is terbium, an essential component in commercially available LED lighting fixtures.
Outflows from global gold ETFs totaled more than $30 billion in the first half of 2021. New money flowing in only partially offset the outflows.
The reverse merger between Torchlight Energy and Metamaterials was completed early Monday morning and a new ticker will emerge on the Nasdaq when trading begins.
Governments, mostly through their central banks, hold gold reserves. The largest among these by far is the United States.
Recent lithium price improvement and signs of stronger EV demand prompted an analyst to upgrade Albemarle stock.
Analysts at Credit Suisse have made changes to their ratings and price targets for half a dozen steel producers.
Just five countries hold the majority of the world’s gold reserves, and the United States owns the most.
Goldman Sachs is out with a report on seven U.S. steel makers. The analysts are initiating coverage on the companies just in time for a debate over President Biden's infrastructure plan.
Morgan Stanley analysts are shifting their focus from one commodity metal to another and have made adjustments to their ratings and price targets to reflect the changes.
Metals and mining companies posted strong gains over the past 12 months and the surge may continue if Congress and the president can get a massive infrastructure bill enacted.
The price of silver has pushed above $30 an ounce shortly after Monday's opening bell. Is this the result of another burst of enthusiasm from small investors?
Short sellers appear dubious about gold, with most expecting seeing prices for the yellow metal improving.
Materials and metals stocks had a good year in 2020 and are getting off to a good start in 2021 on investor optimism for a large and rapidly enacted infrastructure program from the Biden...