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5 Reasons To Avoid Macy's Today

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Department stores have been slowly losing the allure they once had. Shopping malls were the place to be in the 2000s and early 2010s. One of the most popular stores you’d see in any mall is Macy’s (NYSE: M). One of the reasons Macy’s is so popular is because they have such a wide variety of things to choose from. You can get makeup, clothes, sports jerseys, shoes, jewelry, and so much more.

It also was nice that most were attached to a mall where you could get food from. However, Macy’s has started to not do as well. It’s sad to see so many parts of our childhood being taken down and destroyed. It might be for the better, though. This is why you shouldn’t spend your time and hard-earned money shopping at Macy’s.

Macy’s Isn’t as Nice as it Used to Be

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One of the downsides of malls going out of business is the surviving businesses inside aren’t quite as nice anymore. When you used to go to Macy’s, it would be crowded and energetic. These days, it’s quiet and calm and seemingly empty, minus a few people. If you do, you might start to feel down and depressed because of the lack of energy and people around you. This isn’t good for your mental health. While it’s still good to go out and buy new things, don’t do so just for nostalgia. You might end up feeling worse if you do.

Macy’s is Becoming More Expensive

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Another negative thing associated with the downfall of these stores is the products are becoming more and more expensive. This is to try and keep profits as high as they can. Unfortunately, this is done at the expense of the paying customer, you. There were times when Macy’s was reasonably priced for what you were getting.

Now, the high prices aren’t worth what you’re paying for. With how much things like groceries and rent costs these days, it’s better to set aside your money for the things you need. You can’t rely on Macy’s for sales you used to experience, so it’s not worth even checking anymore.

Macy’s Isn’t Keeping Up with Current Styles and Trends

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It’s normal to want to feel trendy and stylish when going out, especially after going through Covid-19. People are making up for those two lost years of going out and feeling free. One of the best ways to ensure a fun night out is to dress as well as you can. Unfortunately, the styles Macy’s has don’t align with what’s going on fashion-wise right now. It’s a lot easier to go online to places like Fashion Nova where they have fun shirts for guys and cute dresses for girls to wear.

Macy’s has them, but as talked about before, the prices just aren’t competitive at all. This story is kind of like Blockbuster and Netflix. Macy’s didn’t think people would ever want to stop shopping in person and that their name would carry them through anything. Unfortunately, online shopping has taken over.

Online Shopping is Easier and More Fun

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Who wants to waste gas driving somewhere, trying to fight with other people about parking, hoping they have your size, and having to go to a whole different location if they don’t? Nobody, that’s who. The explosion in popularity of online shopping makes it easy to shop for yourself. The stores usually have your size in whatever you want, and if they don’t, then you can sign up to be notified when they do.

You don’t have to drive around and waste a whole day trying to find something. You can also bookmark something to buy when you do have the funds for it. When you go in person, you might be surprised at what some things can cost you. There are also two different highs you get as an online shopper, when you purchase the item and when it officially gets to you. When you shop in person, you only get the first high of purchasing the item.

You Don’t Need What Macy’s Sells

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The cost of living is at an all-time high. People are living paycheck to paycheck, hoping to make ends meet each month. Unfortunately, this means we all have to sacrifice some of the things we love. One of the first things to do is always buy new clothes.

Since Macy’s is a fashion and design store, it makes sense to not be concerned with what they sell. You can always buy something cheaper, you just have to look hard enough. One day, you’ll be in a position where you can splurge even more on the things you like. Until that day comes, it’s best to not force yourself into buying things.

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