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Should MSCI & Russell FTSE China Allocation Gains Have Been Delayed During Trade War?

After months of being told that a deal with China was likely, a trade war has erupted after President Donald Trump lifted selected tariffs to 25% from 10% on $200 ...
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5 ETFs the World’s Largest Hedge Fund Owns

In 2018, hedge funds actually outperformed publicly traded stocks. According to Hedge Fund Research's HFRI Asset Weighted Composite Index, hedge fund returns fell 0.7% last year while the S&P 500 ...
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2018 Outlook: Low Volatility and Defensive May Be Best Stock Market Strategy

The raging bull market in stocks charged on in 2017, and many investors are still considering how they should be positioned for 2018. After gains of 300% from the panic-selling ...
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Why India May Be the Best Place for Investors in 2018 and Beyond

It is no secret that major U.S. stock market indexes have hit new highs. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is up over 20% so far in 2017, and the S&P 500 ...
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10 Serious Risks and Opportunities for Investors Under Tax Reform and Tax Cuts

When it comes to a dysfunctional political climate in Washington, D.C., every day people like you and me are thrown into the push-pull antics. We may all feel different about ...
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5 ETFs Down Sharply After Trump’s Victory

We now know who will be the next president of the United States, and the news was more than a shock to many markets and to many investors around the ...
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Why Merrill Lynch Is Now Raising Emerging Markets Over Developed Ones

How long have you heard that the global economic uncertainty and currency levels were bad for emerging markets? And how long have you heard that the United States and developed ...
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15 Reasons That US Recession Risks Have Almost Vanished for 2016

This year has by and large been a rather nerve-racking one all around. The presidential election has taken an unprecedented and zany path, the stock market went from steady in 2015 ...
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10 Things to Consider About the Recent Market Panic

Everyone seems to be guessing about the future and near-term expectations after the recent market panic. The first thing that needs to be considered is that trying to call a ...
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Will Shanghai Stocks Crash Like Nasdaq Did in 2000 and 2001?

The sell-off in China is potentially far more important than the issue surrounding Greece's in-or-out status. By our take it is more important, but the broader financial media still wants ...
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Key Dalio and Bridgewater Position Changes: Alcoa, Apple, CenturyLink, Cisco, Gilead, Emerging Markets

Bridgewater Associates is one of the most widely followed and most renowned hedge funds in the world. After all, it is also one of the financial giants, and it is ...
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Are Emerging Markets Finally Becoming Safer To Invest In?

Emerging markets have not been performing the way they have in many past bull markets. Most investor interest and direction from Wall Street strategists decided earlier this year that the ...
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Is a Nine-Day Winning Streak in Emerging Market ETFs Too Much?

How long should a winning streak really last in the stock market? A casual market observer might think the market has a 50-50 chance of being up or down on ...
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Is the Russia-Ukraine Scare Already Ending?

Before getting too excited about the end of tensions, one must understand that the Russian ambitions in Crimea and the Ukraine will not likely disappear overnight. Still, world markets recovered ...
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DJIA Now Down 1,000 Points, Emerging and International Markets Differ

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) was down more than 140 points after a dismal ISM manufacturing report on Monday. What stands out here is that the DJIA is now ...
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