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At the current time, with a trade war affecting the valuations of many companies and sectors around the world, should MSCI and Russell FTSE have delayed the increased allocations until there are...
Individual investors are not the only ones interested in ETFs. Many hedge funds, including the world's largest, also invest in ETFs.
One strategy that investors can use to be defensive without taking the extremely low return of bonds is with stocks characterized as low-volatility ones.
Everyone knows that investors will pay up to chase growth, and it is quite possible that India might be one of the best growth stories in the world for 2018 and beyond.
Here are 10 areas of tax reform that may change handily for the investment community in the next year, depending on how things ultimately go.
We now know who will be the next president of the United States, and the news was more than a shock to many markets and to many investors around the world. It was also a shock to many other people in...
Merrill Lynch now believes that the time has come to move back into emerging markets from developed markets.
In January and February the recession risks for the United States were picking up. Now it looks as though the biggest risks for the U.S. falling back into recession in 2016 have all but vanished.
Everyone seems to be guessing about the future and near-term expectations after the recent market panic. The first thing that needs to be considered is that trying to call a bottom in a market is...
China is doing what it can to stop the bloodletting, but reviews of the Shanghai chart and the Nasdaq tech bubble charts might make some investors fear a much deeper market correction in China.
It turns out that hedge fund Bridgewater Associates and founder Ray Dalio have made some changes since the end of 2014.
Source: ThinkstockEmerging markets have not been performing the way they have in many past bull markets. Most investor interest and direction from Wall Street strategists decided earlier this year...
Source: ThinkstockHow long should a winning streak really last in the stock market? A casual market observer might think the market has a 50-50 chance of being up or down on any given day, so what...
Source: ThinkstockBefore getting too excited about the end of tensions, one must understand that the Russian ambitions in Crimea and the Ukraine will not likely disappear overnight. Still, world...
The Dow Jones Industrial Average was down more than 140 points after a dismal ISM manufacturing report on Monday. It is now down more than 1,000 points from its high.