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Euro and PIIGS ETFs Crushed on Brexit Outcome, Down 10 Percent Or More

With the Brexit Vote only adding that much more uncertainty, the reality is setting in that this could spell long-term trouble for the European Union. Britain never did share its ...
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PIIGS ETFs and Greek ADS Respond to Athens Reopening Stock Exchange

Greece is back as a financial market again. Well, sort of. The nation finally allowed its stock market to open back up after an unheard of five-week trading halt. Needless ...
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Friday Surprise: Greece and Spain Get Credit Ratings Upgrades

It seems almost too hard to believe, but we have seen two of the PIIGS upgraded by different credit ratings agencies this Friday. Fitch ratings has raised Greece's sovereign credit ...
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PIIGS KILLERS: Italy PM Vote Threatens Austerity, All Over Again

What happens when you put a vote out to the people about whether or not their benefits and public spending should be cut to appeal to international creditors? If you ...
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Spanish Bank Stress Tests Not So Bad After All (SAN, BBVA)

The Spanish bank stress tests are out and the initial verdict is that the shortfall was just not as bad as expected. In order to encompass about 90% of Spain's ...
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Austerity Protests Rising in Madrid

Spain is starting to look more and more like Greece with protesters clashing with police in the capital. The difference is that Spain is a much more important economy to ...
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Spain Takes Center Stage Again, Housing to Bailout

Spain is again taking the center stage, even after Greece's Prime Minister Samaras was meeting with Angela Merkel of Germany. And now we have seen headlines on the broad tape that ...
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Spain Short Selling Ban Spreads Through PIIGS and Beyond (EWP, SAN, BBVA, GREK, NBG, PT, IRE)

Most, or much, of the world hates short sellers. Betting against markets is just unfair, or so goes the logic. There is just one small problem: a market without short ...
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A Direct Bailout of E.U. Banks, TARP-Lite (SAN, BBVA, NBG, IRE, DB, UBS, CS, BCS, GREK, EWP, EWI, FXE)

European leaders are taking the aid directly to the banks to stave off any added crisis.  The futures in the U.S. are soaring and the markets in Europe are up ...
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PIIGS Shifting Attention To Spanish Bond Yields Again (EWP, BBVA, SAN, NBG, IRE, DB)

A 2014 bond auction in France went off at 0.54% this Thursday, while the same maturity in 2014 went for a yield of 4.70% in Spain.  The fear is that ...
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As Greece Fades, Attention Moves To Spain, Italy, Portugal (NBG, GREK, EWP, BBVA, SAN, PT, IRE, EWI, FXE, UUP)

The Greek elections went the way that the market participants were initially hoping for, but now the reality is setting in that Greece may ultimately not be able to stay ...
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The Amazing Greek Snapback Recovery For The PIIGS (NBG, GREK, EWP, PT, IRE, EWI, FXE, UUP)

Trusting anything out of Greece or any of the PIIGS nations is a bit difficult these days.  With the weekend coming upon us, Greece is set to be the center ...
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Egan-Jones Downgrade Of Spain Sounds Like An Echo Downgrade (BBVA, STD, TEF, EWP)

Egan-Jones Ratings is just the latest ratings agency to hit the PIIGS today.  The ratings agency lowered the Kingdom of Spain's ratings down to "CCC+" from "B."  What is perhaps more ...
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Fitch Downgrades Spain, Risks Remain Ahead (EWP, STD, BBVA)

Fitch Ratings has had many reports today, but perhaps the largest call is a downgrade of Spain to "BBB" that has added some pressure to the Euro. Today's downgrade took Spain's Long-term ...
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Retail Sales & Bank Fears Drive Spanish Banks To New Lows

Reports of what appears to be am effective government takeover of Bankia in Spain, ongoing debt and capital concerns of the banks, and borrowing costs approaching 7% are all culminating with ...
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