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Baltic Dry Index Raises All Boats

Shipping rates as measured by the Baltic Dry Index are up about a third since the end of August. The index measures shipping rates for dry bulk cargoes such as ...
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Jefferies Contrarian Stocks to Buy: Arena, Rackspace and More

It is not unusual to see most research on Wall Street pretty much line up either for or against a company. Analysts typically look at the same metrics in the ...
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24/7 Wall St. Closing Bell — Thursday: Markets Open Higher, S&P Posts Another All-time High

U.S. equity markets opened higher this morning, buoyed by a smaller-than-expected total of new claims for unemployment benefits in the U.S. (more coverage here). The U.S. trade deficit also fell ...
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Top Wall Street Analyst Downgrades: Active Network, MasterCard, SolarCity and More

Investors frequently get to see the analyst upgrades and Buy ratings from Wall Street firms. They often do not get to see when analyst downgrade stocks. We review many fresh ...
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Dry Bulk Shippers Pin Hopes on Iron Ore, China

Shares of a host of shipping companies are getting a big boost today on a report from Bloomberg that the 2013 outlook for shipping rates, especially for iron ore, are ...
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24/7 Wall St. Closing Bell — October 4, 2012: Markets Hold onto Morning Gains (PCS, S, TWX, EBAY, ADTN, MAR, ISCA, STZ, AA, VRNG, GOOG, JKS, NUVA, GNK)

The three major U.S. stock indexes opened higher this morning, reaching a peak after the first half-hour of trading following an inline report on new jobless claims (more coverage here) ...
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Shipper Prices Share Offering; Watch Shares Sink (EGLE, DRYS, EXM, GNK, DSX, FRO, NM, RBS, SAN)

Dry bulk shipper Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc. (NASDAQ: EGLE) filed a Form S-3 with the SEC this morning announcing the sale of up to 3.15 million shares of common stock ...
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Morning Movers (VVUS, ONVI, CTHR, PPO, GNK)

The three major US equities indexes opened about flat this morning as US jobless claims came in near expectations at 351,000 new claims (our coverage here). The European Commission’s forecast ...
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Drop in Shipping Could Mean Weak Holiday Season for Retail (DRYS, GNK, EXM, SSW, DAC, TGT, M, WMT)

One indicator of a profitable holiday season for US retailers is the flow of goods into US ports. The shipping season for holiday goods generally starts in July and August ...
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DryShips Acquires Competitor (DRYS, OCNFD, EGLE, EXM, GNK)

In October 2007, shares of bulk carrier DryShips Inc. (NASDAQ: DRYS) traded as high as $124/share. The share price today is less than $4/share, but that is not stopping the ...
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Shipping Faces Oversupply, Rising Fuel Costs (AMKBF, DRYS, GNK, DSX, EGLE, EXM)

Danish shipping giant A.P. Moeller-Maersk A/S (OTC: AMKBF) posted profit of $1.22 billion for the first quarter on revenue of about $15.2 billion, both significantly better than the same period ...
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Shipping Companies and the Japan Effect (DRYS, DSX, GNK, AMKBF, DAC, SSW, FRO, NAT, TK, TGP, GLNG, SEA)

As Japan recovers from the devastating earthquake and its aftermath, the country will depend heavily on importing raw materials into the country and exporting finished goods. There are a number ...
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Dry Bulk Shippers Raising Cash to Diversify (DSX, DRYS, GNK, TOD)

A couple of large deals have now been completed in the shipping business, the latest of which is the partial spin-off by Diana Shipping Inc. (NYSE: DSX) of 80% of ...
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Shippers Face More Woes on Over-capacity (DRYS, DSX, GNK, AMKBF)

We've been watching the Baltic Dry Index, BDI, for a while now as it slides further and further down. The index, which measures freight rates for ships carrying commodity cargoes ...
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Container Shipping Rises While Commodity Shipping Slides

Seaborne shipping is experiencing a boom and bust period now as container shipping is having a difficult time meeting demand while dry bulk shipping continues its free-fall. The Baltic Dry ...
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