Consumer Electronics

One analyst believes he already knows the features of the iPhone 16, the release of which could be over a year away.
One version of the iPhone has a base price near $1,600. Who would buy it?
Sales of Apple's Mac too a hit in the first quarter as most of its competition’s sales improved.
Apple was the greatest company in the world for years, but it no longer is.
Wall Street thought Apple would mostly dodge the tech downturn. Maybe they are wrong.
T-Mobile did not exactly make public that 37 million customer accounts were hacked. It put the information in a regulatory filing. T-Mobile has about 110 million customers, so presumably, there is a...
Apple has not faced the storm it does now since the Great Recession, and its shares have much further to fall.
Consumers may have begun to ask themselves if their current version of the iPhone is good enough to keep another year.
Rumors of Apple and Google banning Twitter from their App store could trigger Musk to develop a smartphone.
The futures are flat on this Thanksgiving eve as trading volume will slow to a trickle with the holiday tomorrow and an early 1 pm EST close for Friday. The major indices all ended Tuesday higher...
Supply chain issues and soft demand are expected to hamper iPhone sales and therefore Apple's revenue.
The world already has a problem with where all its trash should go. The global inventory of old smartphones has made that worse.
Google has rolled out the Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, as well as the Google Pixel Watch.
The recession appears to have hit demand for the new iPhone 14.
A recent analysis reveals which personal computer brands consumers now favor.