10 US Cities With the Fastest Growing Suburbs

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With all the talk about gentrification of city neighborhoods, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that U.S. suburban growth since 2010 has outpaced urban growth by 7.9% to 6.6%.

Partly that’s due to Americans who are being displaced by gentrification moving out to the suburbs, and partly that’s due to the fact that suburban homes are cheaper and services like schools are generally better.

Jonathan Smoke, chief economist at Realtor.com, notes:

Most high-growth urban areas just don’t have enough land, so prices are higher and homeownership is typically lower. It’s tempting to live in a walkable urban neighborhood … but the costs make it hard to afford, especially for large or growing families.

Realtor.com looked at where the number of households, home listings, list prices and demand for homes are growing the fastest for every ZIP code in the 50 largest metro areas. Here is the researchers’ list of the 10 fastest growing suburbs, along with the median price for a suburban home and the percentage difference with a home in the city.

  1. Denver, Colorado
    Northeast Denver: median price of $270,000 is 50% less than median price for a house in the city
  2. Dallas, Texas
    Wylie, Texas: median price of $369,000, 26% less than urban home
  3. San Francisco, California
    Dublin, California: median price of $890,000, 22% less than a house in the city
  4. Austin, Texas
    Daffan, Texas: median price of $348,000, 30% below a home in the city
  5. Tampa, Florida
    Palm River-Clair Mel, Florida: median price of $134,000 is 62% less than a house in Tampa
  6. Orlando, Florida
    Vista East, Florida: median price of $231,500 is 17% below the price in the city
  7. Miami, Florida
    Cutler Bay, Florida: median price of $290,000, 38% less than a home in Miami
  8. San Jose, California
    Milpitas, California: median price of $850,000 is 26% less than a home in San Jose
  9. Nashville, Tennessee
    Murfreesboro, Tennessee (Williamsburg): median price of $295,000 is 30% less than a home in Nashville
  10. Raleigh, North Carolina
    Apex, North Carolina: median price is $429,000, a premium of 3% to a home in Raleigh

See Realtor.com for more details.