Can Walmart Really Make Thanksgiving 30% Cheaper?

Thanksgiving has been a magical time for Americans. It is a holiday that is about to become vastly different with 2013 being the first year of most of our lives that so many of the largest retailers will be opening at some point on Thanksgiving Day. So what happens when Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (NYSE: WMT), one of the big stores that will open on Thanksgiving, issues a press release claiming that a Thanksgiving meal purchased at Walmart can be purchased at nearly 30% cheaper than elsewhere?

The price comparison is in reference to the American Farm Bureau Federation estimates showed major savings. A total of 167 volunteer shoppers from 34 states were said to have participated in the American Farm Bureau’s informal survey this year.

The AFBF survey showed that Americans will pay $49.04 for a 10-person Thanksgiving meal in 2013. The products Walmart used in this analysis are comparable to items included in the Farm Bureau report. The good news is that this projection from the AFBF is actually a 44-cent price decrease from 2012’s average of $49.48.

Walmart’s press release showed that its customers can make the same Thanksgiving meal for $34.86. That “nearly 30” is actually 28.9% less. Walmart also said that customers can shop with confidence at Walmart through its ad match programs. The company stated, “If customers spot a lower price before or after they’ve done their grocery shopping on any items, Walmart will match the price.”

The average price of a dinner for Thanksgiving pertains to the basics of a meal. These included turkey, pumpkin pie mix, sweet potatoes, stuffing and other traditional ingredients. The survey does not includes gasoline, travel, and other things like spices and kitchen supplies.

Below is the AFBF average price projection image.