Unless The iPhone 16 Has This, Apple’s Stock is Cooked

Apple Holds Launch Event For New Products At Its Headquarters
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The discussion centers on the potential disappointment with Apple’s (NASDAQ: AAPL) upcoming iPhone release, which is unlikely to feature advanced AI  technology until 2025. This could lead to lackluster sales and stock performance. The need for a new, innovative product is highlighted, as well as the possibility of introducing a more affordable iPhone model.



This creates a problem for Apple, though, and that means that the next iPhone, the September iPhone, is not going to be bristling with AI technology because they’re saying 2025.

How much of a letdown is that when it comes to what I think was already a concern about the iPhone being released in September?

I think it’s going to be a pretty big letdown because the 15 sales were not up to what analysts expected.

And without a blockbuster edition, and there may be some sort of ChatGPT AI insert into the 16, it won’t be woven in enough that it’ll be a must-have item for the masses of Apple buyers who, as we’ve discussed in past conversations, the phones are getting extremely expensive.

They may have to go the route that EV is going. And you need to come out with, they tried before, but an inexpensive iPhone.

Yeah. Let’s plan to come back to this in September, a couple of days after the new iPhone launch.

And let’s see did they even try hard to put some AI features in there, or is it really something that they punted out into 2025?

Because I think that the level of disappointment, if there’s not some robust AI features in either iOS or in the chips, the guts of the iPhone, I think the stock basically trades sideways to down for the balance of the year.

Yeah, I think it will too. And somewhere in wherever he is, Steve Jobs is going, you guys, you need a new product. You need a new product.

Whether it’s a computer with no screen where, you know, like we’ve seen where all the data is in the air and you can move it by hand and things like that.

They need a new product is what they need.


Nobody else has.

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