Sirius Moves To TV To Get Back On Track

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Stocks:  (SIRI)(XMSR)

Sirius Satellite will offer live TV service by the end of 2007 in 2008 car models. So says Mel Karmazin, the Sirius CEO.

The new service will cost $13 a month more that radio service, but it is not clear how much the new system will add to the price of a car. Karmazin hopes that the new service will increase yield-per-subscriber.

It is a shrewd move for Sirius. If it can come to market with the service before XM, it would offer the smaller satellite radion company a significant "first mover" advantage that could help SIRI get closer to XMSR in terms of total subscriber count. If XM does not have the service, it could also push Sirius well ahead in subscriber yields.

If people want TV in their cars. Rear-seat entertainment centers are already a staple in many automobiles. Most play DVDs. It is safe to assume that the cost of the hardware for the TV service will not be cheap. What consumers will pay for the intial system is hard to say.

But, it is innovative.

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