Media Digest 8/29/2007 Reuters, WSJ, NYTimes, FT, Barron’s

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According to Reuters, Isuzu and GM (GM) will increase their cooperation in South America to improve their share in the truck market.

Reuters writes that Knight Capital (NITE) may have to refund fees collected by one of its funds which has been affected by market turmoil.

The Wall Street Journal writes that it has told the UAW that it may sell some non-core assets which have union employees

The Wall Street Journal reports that the CFO of Google (GOOG) will step down.

The Wall Street Journal writes that job losses in the Mexican community are hurting Wal-Mart (WMT) sales.

The Wall Street Journal writes that Home Depot (HD) will continue with plans for a share buy-back.

The Wall Street Journal writes that Lockheed Martin is looking for growth in its IT business to offset slowing defence sales.

The New York Times writes that phone companies in Europe are stepping up their investment to bring internet TV to consumer’s homes.

The FT writes that BMW and Daimler are warning China that it is copying models of their cars.

The FT writes that Merrill Lynch (MER) is moving aggressively into India.

Barron’s writes that Apple (AAPL) may introduce new models of the iPod at a Sept 5 event.

The Inquirer writes that Google (GOOG) may introduce a phone in September.

Douglas A. McIntyre