Media Digest 10/30/2007 Reuters, WSJ, NYTimes, FT, Barron’s

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According to Reuters, Alan Greenspan say that the demand for subprime mortage securities is down.

Reuters writes that the UAW is gearing up for tough talks with Ford (F).

The Wall Street Journal reports that the Fed may not cut rates at all.

The Wall Street Journal writes that Google (GOOG) plans to announce plans for its G-Phone within the next two weeks.

The Wall Street Journal writes that some analysts believe that Countrywide (CFC) may have trouble keeping its plan to make a profit in Q4.

According to the FT, Countrywide (CFC) accused the federal government of doing nothiing to improve housing.

The FT writes that several private equity firms are in talks to sell stakes to a Chinese fund.

Barron’s writes that Chinese firm Sohu (SOHU) bet its earnings forecast and the shares rose.

Bloomberg writes that Orcale (ORCL)  may lower its bid for BEA Systems (BEAS) due to the lack of another buyer.

CNN Money writes that vulture investors have raised large sums to buy mortgage-back securities but have not used the money, an indication that they have further to fall.

Douglas A. McIntyre