Hamilton Tickets Hit $4,723 for Star's Last Show

Douglas A. McIntyre

The star of mega-hit Broadway show Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda, will leave the show on July 9. Tickets for the performance that day have reached $4,723, according to TiqIQ.

According to the Shubert organization:

Hamilton realized 139% of gross potential last week, which was the highest for any show on Broadway. The next closest was 99% for the Lion King.

TiqIQ has kept track of the numbers by month, which include the last 11 performances by Lin-Manuel Miranda:

August 2015: $409.13
September 2015: $571.38
October 2015: $993.61
November 2015: $915.54
December 2015: $935.82
January 2016: $936.59
February 2016: $898.21
March 2015: $1,412.19
April 2016: $1,406.43
May 2016: $1,558.76
June 2016: $2394.22
July 2016: $1820.04–11 Miranda performances
Aug 2016: $1439.37–Cheapest Month for rest of the year

The Guardian said about Miranda’s departure:

Broadway sensation Hamilton is sure to be a mainstay on the Great White Way for years to come, but its creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda has decided to move on.

Less than a month after the 2016 Tony awards, where Hamilton has a record 16 nominations, Miranda, who also wrote the show’s book and music, will bow out on 9 July, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The contracts of many members of the current company are also set to expire around the same time, although none have announced their departure. The original cast is rumored to be seeking big pay raises, in addition to the profit-sharing deal they secured from producers in April.

Miranda is said to be leaving Hamilton to focus on a number of other projects, including a starring role opposite Emily Blunt in Disney’s upcoming Mary Poppins sequel, Mary Poppins Returns, which is slated for release on Christmas Day 2018. He will play a street lamplighter named Jack in the musical directed by Rob Marshall (Chicago).

If Miranda’s popularity is anywhere near that of Hamilton, Marshall’s Mary Poppins Returns should be extremely successful for him, and for the producers.