Bill O’Reilly Website Will Be Key To His Future

Print Email is a one-man platform for Bill O’Reilly’s media, book, and lecture businesses. It will be critical to his success as he moves on from his dismissal from Fox News after charges that he sexually harassed female employees and paid some settlements.

O’Reilly will release a new podcast Monday night on his site. It is a signal he does not plan to let his departure from Fox  cut his public presence. The promotion for the podcast says “The No Spin News Returns”.

The O’Reilly site is also a way for the commentator to make money. He sells hats, mugs, pens, and lapel pins. He also sells memberships to his newsletters which include discounts on other O’Reilly products. The price for the newsletters can run as high as $54.95 per years. He also sells two DVDs–“Legends & Lies – The Real West” and the “Killing Jesus Movie”. There is also a section of the site where he sells his books, some of which have been legitimate best sellers. Most go for $30, with lower prices available to “members”. These include “Killing Reagan”, “Killing Patton”, and “Old School”. The last one is about “life in the sane lane”, whatever that might be.

The O’Reilly site is also a magazine of sorts. There is an entire section of columns and articles he has penned over the years. Some of his friends, who include TV personalities Judge Napolitano and John Stossel, also contribute

Additionally, O’Reilly uses his site to promote his speaking tours which take him from city to city dozens of days throughout the year. These are often stage in large arenas, and ticket price can reach well above $100.

Finally, the O’Reilly site carries advertising. The numbers have dropped off as they did on his Fox show. However, the site did have a number of mainstream advertisers until a few weeks ago. It still has one or two, which recently included The Financial Times. Perhaps after the Fox publicity, some will return.

O’Reilly has left Fox, but he still have a major media outlet online, and it appears to be one where he can make a good deal of money, and keep a platform for his opinions.