20 Most Popular News Websites According to Baby Boomers: Ranked

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Forget chasing the hippest trends; these days, news for Baby Boomers is all about comfort food – familiar faces, reliable sources, and headlines that don’t require a decoder ring. Interested in where the majority of Baby Boomers get their daily dose of current events?

We dove into YouGov’s data on news site popularity to bring you the 20 most-loved news websites according to Boomers. We’ve listed them down below in countdown order. Go to the end to see the most-loved site (which was actually quite a surprise for us)!

We’ve also included each news website’s popularity rating. This rating represents the percentage of Baby Boomers with a positive opinion of the website. You can also take a look at the most popular clothing brands according to Baby Boomers

Why We’re Covering This

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Understanding where Baby Boomers get their news is important for investors. Baby Boomers are a large chunk of the investing public, and their media habits can influence investing trends. 

20. CNET

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  • Popularity Rating: 27%

CNET is a news website that focuses mostly on the latest gadgets and technology. However, this website also publishes general news articles. Either way, this website does have a pretty high popularity rating compared to others!

19. Fox Business

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  • Popularity Rating: 28%

Fox Business offers business and financial news with a noticeable conservative slant. Many Boomers prefer this website if they align with their political views. 

18. NFL

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  • Popularity Rating: 29%

While the NFL does not publish general news stories, die-hard football fans stay up to date on all NFL news, scores, and stats on this website. It’s incredibly popular, with 29% of Baby Boomers giving it a positive rating. 

17. Bloomberg

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  • Popularity Rating: 30%

Bloomberg is a leading source of business and financial news. Bloomberg keeps boomers informed about market trends and economic developments. 

16. Politico

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  • Popularity Rating: 30%

Politico is one of the Baby Boomers’ favorite political websites. They offer analysis and breaking news stories from the political world. 

15. Washington Post

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  • Popularity Rating: 31%

Offering in-depth reporting and investigative journalism, the Washington Post is a trusted source for Boomers seeking political news from the nation’s capital.

14. Reuters

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  • Popularity Rating: 33%

Reuters is a global news agency that’s known for its factual reporting. Reuters provides Boomers with up-to-date needs.

13. The Huffington Post

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  • Popularity Rating: 34%

A news website known for its progressive slant and celebrity coverage, HuffPo offers boomers a mix of news and entertainment. More progressive Boomers rank this website highly.

12. NPR News

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  • Popularity Rating: 35%

NPR News is known for its more in-depth reporting, and this news website is known for its thoughtful analysis. Many Boomers like the more in-depth reporting. 

11. Forbes

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  • Popularity Rating: 35%

While Forbes is still pretty popular, it has actually decreased in popularity among Baby Boomers over the years. Forbes focuses on business and financial news with a touch of lifestyle. Forbes caters to boomers who like keeping on top of business news.

10. Fox News

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  • Popularity Rating: 35%

Fox News is a conservative news website that offers commentary on current events. It’s best known anchors include the likes of Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson, who offer (or offered) commentary and analysis. 


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  • Popularity Rating: 36%

CNBC keeps boomers informed about the stock market, industry trends, and other economic news. Its focus is largely on business and finance. 

8. The New York Times

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  • Popularity Rating: 37%

The New York Times is one of the most popular news sites. It’s best known for in-depth reporting and opinion pieces, which many Boomers rate highly. 

7. CNN

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  • Popularity Rating: 38%

CNN is a household name in breaking news. It offers 24/7 coverage with a center-left slant. They have international reach, making them able to report on global affairs.


Source: Mike Windle / Getty Images for ESPN

  • Popularity Rating: 38%

ESPN is a very large news website. They offer live scores and game highlights on top of in-depth analysis and lively sports talk shows. ESPN is the go-to source for many sports lovers. 

5. MSN

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  • Popularity Rating: 38%

MSN is a popular news aggregator with headlines and stories curated from many sources. Many Boomers use it as a one-stop shop for catching up on current events with a user-friendly interface. 

4. NBC News

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  • Popularity Rating: 39%

While NBC News is still exceptionally popular, it is slowly declining in popularity! NBC News has offered news into American homes for decades. Many Boomers grew up with them on their TV sets, so it isn’t odd for many Baby Boomers to still prefer them. They focus on national and international news with plenty of investigative journaling sprinkled in. 

3. CBS

Source: Rob Young from United Kingdom / Wikimedia Commons

  • Popularity Rating: 47%

As we reach the top of the list, the popularity rating starts to jump higher and higher. CBS is another national name that most Baby Boomers have heard of and still think highly of. It’s very popular on cable TV, for instance. 

2. NBC

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  • Popularity Rating: 53%

As you might guess, NBC and NBC News are exceptionally similar. However, most Boomers are most aware of the regular NBC. They have one of the highest popularity ratings, but they don’t come close to being the most popular news website, according to Boomers.

1. Yahoo!

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  • Popularity Rating: 55%

You may be surprised to learn that Yahoo is the most popular place for Baby Boomers to get their news. Their news section offers headlines from many sources and covers just about everything. While the younger generations may not use them as much, many Baby Boomers still use Yahoo for their news. 

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