This Is the Best US City for Retirees

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By 2030, every baby boomer will be over 65, according to the Census Bureau. This portion of the population now totals 73 million people. Census experts added: “Older adults are projected to outnumber children under age 18 for the first time in U.S. history by 2034, according to Census Bureau projections.”

Among the decisions many aging Americans must make when they retire is where to travel. And retirees often have more time to travel than those who have to go to a job day after day. To identify the best U.S. city for retirees to travel to, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed Retirement Travel Index, published by product review site The report ranked some of the largest and most-visited cities in the U.S., according to WorldAtlas and Ballotpedia. The measures in the index include the number of art galleries, nature and wildlife areas, and attractions, average annual rainfall, investment in public transportation, and the percentage of hotels with wheelchair access. Travel index scores are out of 10.

The cities we considered span the country. The state with the most cities we reviewed is Texas. California and Arizona were also near the top of the list. Florida also had several cities on the list we reviewed.

The best city for retirees to visit is Las Vegas, Nevada. Here are the details:

  • Retirement score (out of 10): 7.95
  • Art galleries: 50
  • Nature and wildlife areas: 10

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