The retailer people most regret buying gifts from is CVS, according to a 24/7 Wall St. analysis.
Carvana has joined the long list of hot companies that had massive share price increases but now have fallen to earth.
Walmart's success may be a sign that Amazon's e-commerce business will never grow quickly again.
Some of America’s largest companies make almost as must money overseas as they do in the U.S. Their employee counts confirm this. Starbucks is one example. In China alone, it has 5,400 stores...
Carvana has become America’s worst-managed company. CEO Ernie Garcia III and his father Ernie Garcia II have done irreparable damage to their shareholders. It shows in the stock price. Its...
After occasional recoveries over the years, retailer Gap has begun what is probably its last leg downward.
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Starbucks is immensely profitable, in part due to how little it pays its workers.
Wall Street has signaled that it does not think much of Best Buy's future. Two numbers tell the story.
Howard Schultz has returned to run Starbucks again, in part to halt a move by U.S. employees to unionize.
As he faces a mass movement to unionized Starbucks locations, CEO Schultz will need to say more than that he is a billionaire who treats his workers so well that they do not need a union.
McDonald’s, the world’s largest restaurant chain may have been started in 1940 if one takes that as the year Richard and Maurice McDonald launched their first restaurant. They turned it...
A recent American Customer Satisfaction Index analysis reveals that Costco is America's favorite retailer.
People’s lives have moved online. They watch TV and videos on PCs and smartphones. They do their banking and buy almost everything they use on e-commerce sites like Amazon. People do not write...