McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE: MCD) had an edge over many retailers. Its locations were open longer than many other retailers over the early wave of the pandemic. People who did not want to shop...
Walmart Inc. (NYSE: WMT) shares were attractive as the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic hit the U.S. Its e-commerce business surged. Curb-side pick up became popular. Some research shows that 90%...
Lululemon Athletica is a company that has seen phenomenal growth interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and it is using a key acquisition to bolster its future.
Francesca’s shares more than doubled on Thursday after the company announced the development of its first mobile e-commerce application.
Albertsons has priced its initial public offering below the expected price range. Look for the food and drug retailer to come public later on Friday.
Macy's will cut 3,900 jobs as part of a cost-cutting effort. Its CEO made 461 times the median compensation of his workers last year.
Rite Aid stock jumped by more than 25% after reporting first-quarter earnings Thursday morning. We've seen this action before.
Between the pandemic and the social strife, many city dwellers just don’t feel safe. The emerging trend of moving to the suburbs could be huge for some of the top big-box retailers.
Only a few weeks after beginning to reopen its 800 or so retail stores, Apple has decided to close 11 stores in four states for a second time as COVID-19 cases spike.
A multi-day online shopping festival known as 6.18 concluded Thursday in China with sales for the period totaling more than $126 billion.
Used car retailer CarMax reported fiscal first-quarter results that beat consensus estimates, but that fell far short of results for the same period last year.
Kroger reported better than expected fiscal first-quarter financial results before the markets opened on Thursday, but shares retreated on a lack of guidance.
When an economy that had been shut down is allowed to reopen for business, guess what happens to retail sales. But are the record gains really that good?
Walmart has announced on Monday that it is expanding its e-commerce marketplace to more small businesses in a pact with Shopify.
What may give investors pause is whether Amazon will continue to dominate online retail sales following the wider adoption of online shopping resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic and the stay-home...