NFL Teams With Plunging Ticket Prices

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10. New York Jets
> Pct. decline: 18.0%
> Week 1 avg. ticket price: $228 (11th highest)
> Current avg. ticket price: $187 (13th highest)
> 2012 win-loss record: 6-10 (tied for 8th worst)
> Current win-loss record: 5-4 (tied for 11th best)

After losing 10 games during the 2012 season, the Jets hoped to rebound this season. However, the Jets’ veteran QB Mark Sanchez was injured in the preseason, and after finally opting for surgery on his shoulder, he will sit for the rest of the year. It looked like Geno Smith, Sanchez’s rookie replacement, was far from ready, throwing only four touchdowns and eight interceptions in his first four games. However, despite Smith’s inconsistent play, the Jets have managed a decent 5-4 record, putting them squarely in the wild card hunt.

9. San Diego Chargers
> Pct. decline: 19.3%
> Week 1 avg. ticket price: $187 (15th highest)
> Current avg. ticket price: $151 (16th lowest)
> 2012 win-loss record: 7-9 (tied for 11th worst)
> Current win-loss record: 4-5 (tied for 12th worst)

San Diego Chargers QB Philip Rivers, who has been subpar for the past several seasons, is having a good year. Rivers, who is in his eighth season starting for San Diego, has a completion rate over 70% so far this season, his career best. He has already had three 400+ yard games this season, one shy of the NFL-record four games held by Dan Marino. The team’s often-suspect defense has also shown promise this year, particularly the front seven. However, the Chargers’ failure to overcome the Broncos on Sunday, added to the team’s series of close losses, bring their record to 4-5.

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8. Atlanta Falcons
> Pct. decline: 20.0%
> Week 1 avg. ticket price: $150 (11th lowest)
> Current avg. ticket price: $120 (10th lowest)
> 2012 win-loss record: 13-3 (tied for the best)
> Current win-loss record: 2-7 (tied for 3rd worst)

By most accounts, Atlanta has been the most disappointing team in the NFL this season. Last year, the Falcons had the best record in the NFL, losing just three games. This year, they have already lost seven of their first nine games. The team’s only victories have been against lowly Tampa Bay and St. Louis. The team has also suffered through injuries. Starting receiver Roddy White has played only six games and has not yet caught a touchdown. The team’s other top receiver, Julio Jones, had a great start to the year before a season-ending foot injury. The defense has also been poor, allowing 27.9 points per game, the fourth-worst in the NFL, and nearly 10 points more per game than last year.

7. Philadelphia Eagles
> Pct. decline: 20.5%
> Week 1 avg. ticket price: $215 (13th highest)
> Current avg. ticket price: $171 (15th highest)
> 2012 win-loss record: 4-12 (tied for 3rd worst)
> Current win-loss record: 5-5 (15th best)

The Eagles entered this season for the first time in 15 years without long-time head coach Andy Reid, who now coaches the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs. The Eagles’ new coach, Chip Kelly, is helming an NFL team for the first time this year. Also, the Eagles’ QB since 2009, NFL veteran Michael Vick, has an injured hamstring and will likely miss the next week or two. His replacement, Nick Foles, has shown promise, throwing seven touchdowns last week, tying an NFL record. The Eagles have won half their games this season, but they are on a 10-game losing streak at home.

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6. New England Patriots
> Pct. decline: 21.7%
> Week 1 avg. ticket price: $382 (2nd highest)
> Current avg. ticket price: $299 (4th highest)
> 2012 win-loss record: 12-4 (tied for 3rd best)
> Current win-loss record: 7-2 (tied for 4th best)

Of the teams with the biggest decline in ticket prices, the Patriots easily have the best record, losing just two of their first nine games after starting the season 4-0. However, few teams have looked more shaky while winning four games straight. New England won many of these sloppily and against subpar teams (three of those four teams have a combined record of 5-22). Tom Brady has not looked like himself for most of the season, completing just 57.1% of his passes through the first 10 weeks, 27th among starting quarterbacks. This may be at least in part because the team has played large parts of the season without many of its key offensive players, including recently acquired receiver Danny Amendola and star tight end Rob Gronkowski. After last week’s convincing win over the Steelers, the once-dominant offense may have finally returned to form.