Special Report

Highest Paid Public Employee in Every State

21. Massachusetts
> Highest paid employee:
Derek Kellogg
> Position: College basketball coach
> Salary: $994,500

Derek Kellogg is currently in his eighth year coaching basketball at the University of Massachusetts. A Massachusetts native himself, Kellogg is the state’s highest-paid employee. Though a majority of the University’s money comes from other sources, in fiscal 2015, the University received $519 million in budgetary funding from the state.

22. Michigan
> Highest paid employee:
Jim Harbaugh
> Position: College Football Coach
> Salary: $7,000,000

As is the case in 28 other states, the highest-paid public employee in Michigan is a college football coach. Jim Harbaugh, coach and former quarterback of the University of Michigan Wolverines, is paid about $7 million annually. Harbaugh was hired at the beginning of 2015 after coaching the San Francisco 49ers.

23. Minnesota
> Highest paid employee:
Jerry Kill
> Position: College football coach
> Salary: $2.50 million

Jerry Kill, head coach of the University of Minnesota Gophers football team, is Minnesota’s highest-paid employee. Starting this year, he will receive a $300,000 raise every season until 2019, when his salary will reach $2.9 million. The next highest-paid state employee outside an athletics department is the dean of the Medical School at the University of Minnesota, who makes $717,000 annually.

24. Mississippi
> Highest paid employee:
Hugh Freeze
> Position: College Football Coach
> Salary: $4,300,000

Hugh Freeze has been the head coach of the Ole Miss football program since 2012. Already prior to a raise he received in December 2014 for leading the team to a winning record and a spot at the Peach Bowl, Freeze was the highest-paid state employee, earning $3.15 million a year. With the raise, Freeze will earn $4.3 million this season.

25. Missouri
> Highest paid employee:
Gary Pinkel
> Position: College football coach
> Salary: $4.02 million

University of Missouri football coach Gary Pinkel makes more money than any other public employee in the state. Pinkel, who has recently received a nearly $1 million raise, has lead the Missouri Tigers to more wins than any other coach in the team’s history.