Special Report

America's Fastest Growing Cities

2. Midland, TX
> Population growth (2010-2015):
> Total population: 166,718
> Per capita income: $94,863
> Unemployment rate: 3.8%

Younger residents are more likely to relocate to a new city than older residents. In Midland, where the population increased by 17.6% in the last five years, just 9.7% of residents are senior citizens, tied with Odessa for the lowest such proportion in the country. Like most of the fastest growing metro areas, Midland’s growth stems from a strong job market. Midland’s GDP per capita grew by an unparalleled 24.1% compared to a national GDP growth rate of just 2.2%.

1. The Villages, FL
> Population growth (2010-2015):
> Total population: 118,891
> Per capita income: $37,558
> Unemployment rate: 7.3%

The Villages, Florida, is the fastest growing U.S. metropolitan area, having increased its population by one quarter. While many of the fastest growing cities are retirement destinations, which are attracting the increasingly larger share of retiring Americans, none compare to The Villages, located in central Florida. More than half of the metro area’s population is 65 and older, by far the highest proportion of any metro area in the country.